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Journal of Advanced Student Science (JASS)
2016 Issue 01 - Spring

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  • "The effects of acute aerobic activity at rating five and seven of perceived exertion on the performance of a wordrecollection, shortterm memory task" Susanna S. Kwok, Amber M. O’Brien, Milada K. Vannarath, Brandon R. Basinski, and Koua M. Vang [PDF]
  • "Political Affiliation as a Predictor of Physiological Response to Political Statements" Jordan Kelly Bhupinder Manhani Kelsey Nelson Jacob Poepping Demitri Price [PDF]
  • "The Physiological Relationship of Sleep Duration with Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and Reaction Time" Justin Angles, Aria Kenarsary, Samantha Paddock, Zoey Schuck, Kaitlyn Sonnentag [PDF]

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