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Journal of Advanced Student Science (JASS)
2011 Issue 01 - Spring

(Click on the PDF link next to any article to read the full article)

  • "A Quantitative Inquiry into the Effects of Exercise with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease" Bria Rayome, Molly Dixon, Irfaan Abid, Melissa Patton [PDF]
  • "Effect of Eye-Closure on Working Memory, An Analysis of Theta Wave Forms" Allison Bell, Tanya Harnpattanapanich, Meghan Hash, Jianbo Xiao [PDF]
  • "Effects of Caffeine on Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Stimulation, A Non-invasive Study Based on a Single Dose of Caffeine" Kira Arno, Logan Schlosser, Chris Boyd, Aleisha Gardner [PDF]
  • "Effects of music tempos on blood pressure, heart rate, and skin conductance after physical exertion" Robyn Armon, Adam Fisher, Brittney Goldfarb, Caley Milton [PDF]
  • "Effects of Musical Tempo on Heart Rate, Brain Activity, and Short-term Memory" Kimberly Schaub, Luke Demos, Tara Centeno, and Bryan Daugherty [PDF]
  • "Effects on Short-Term Object Recognition by Caffeine, Glucose, and Olfactory Cues Evaluated by Beta Wave Activity" Dahlgren A., Kumbier L., Lin Y., Rasmussen C., Vassar C [PDF]
  • "Energy shot supplements and caffeine, effectual differences on neuronal, muscular, and cardiovascular function" Stefan Levay-Young, Amanda Robinette, Brittany Schueller and Ellen Schwartz [PDF]
  • "Examining the Triggers of the Diving Reflex in Human Subjects" Matt Ansay, Kristine Sliwicki, Brittney Kohlnhofer, Sarah Castillo [PDF]
  • "Exploring the Effects of Caffeine and Glucose on Cognitive Performance" Scheske M, Buhk J, Poland C, Kuffel A [PDF]
  • "Immediate Effects of the Power Balance™ on Strength, Endurance, and Balance Performance" Eric Ballecer, Alex Graf, Jonathan Hernandez, Sara Sokolowski [PDF]
  • "Interaction of Deception and Caffeine and Its Physiological Effects" Steven An, Tenzin Dhanze, Ruojia Debbie Li, Alyssa Vosberg [PDF]
  • "Liar Liar, Pants on Fire! A Physiological Study of Deception" Lauren Engler; Whitney Lloyd; Jo Martin-Koob; Sawyer Naze [PDF]
  • "Physiological Changes Associated with Varying Music Tempo" Mary Erickson, Yi Ding, Greg Sovinski, Abhi Pulla [PDF]
  • "The effect of increased stress levels on memory test performance" Hoffman, Marie; Mukete, Valerie; Szmanda, Julia; Witt, Chelsea [PDF]
  • "The Effect of Varying Musical Tempo on Exertion During Exercise in College Students" Tiffany Jones, Katie Ermatinger, Adam Waite, Han Zhang [PDF]
  • "The Effects of Gum Mastication on Alertness in Post-Pubescent Subjects" Sonya Fujioka, Karina Katchko, Brian Pellatt, Caleb Stenz [PDF]
  • "The Effects of Knowledge of an Imminent Threat on the Human Sympathetic Nervous System Response" Thomas Lay, Sanam Salimi, Jon Scholl, Jordan Kapke [PDF]
  • "The Physiological Effects of 5-Hour Energy Drinks" David Apatov, Ainsley Eberwein, Taylor Klein, Sara Schroeder [PDF]
  • "The Physiological Effects of Competition on Exercise Performance" Megan Borchert, Samantha Brown, Mark Ritchie, Deidre Vaughn [PDF]
  • "The Physiological Response to Music Tempo, The Investigation of the 'Pump-Up' Song" In Han, Elyse Kleifgen, Chris Martin, Elyse Zarling [PDF]
  • "The Somatic and Autonomic Nervous System’s Response to a Fear Stimulus" Zachary M. Keir, Breann M. Kroll, Kai D. Ludwig, Ethan J. Schuler, and Lisa M. Vigen [PDF]

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