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Journal of Advanced Student Science (JASS)
2012 Issue 01 - Spring

(Click on the PDF link next to any article to read the full article)

  • "The effect of aerobic exercise on patellar reflex strength" Alex Paulsen, Kate Maley, Megan Hofmann, Swarna Mogallapu, Christian Phillips [PDF]
  • "The Effect of Music as a Prepulse Stimulus on the Activation of the Sympathetic Nervous System" Hanna Lynch, Parth Patel, Stanislav Konrath, and Devin Blodgett [PDF]
  • "Physiological Response to An Auditory Startle Stimulus Under Relaxed and Occupied Conditions" Maddy Eckelaert, Jai Patel, Michelle Cancel, Zach Bennet, Miki Hirano, Ashley Verhasselt [PDF]
  • "Effects of Meditation on Working Memory" Czekaj, Samantha; Leung, Wai Yin; Jeevananthan, Athavi; Schiedermayer, Nick; Wu, Connie [PDF]
  • "Aerobic Exercise Prior to Word Recognition and Its Effect on Long Term Cognitive Recall" Jonuzi, B., Lee, SH, Perkins, K., Vogel, K., Walberg, A. [PDF]
  • "Effects of Auditory Stress on Long-Term Memory Formation in Humans" Bolinger M., Chen J., Feuerstein A., Foreman R., Leseberg J., Wanzhen L., Lokuta A. [PDF]
  • "Effects of Physiological Relaxation on Response Time" Lindsey Dailey, Nora Krause, Malissa Roberts, Katelyn Schuster, Chinou Vang [PDF]
  • "Moderate exercise does not immediately enhance short term memory retrieval" Kristen Stowell, Eva van Veen, Cassandra Berry, Brittany Hopkins and Sam Loveland [PDF]
  • "Enhancing exercise induced feed forward response through exposure to related and unrelated visual stimulus" Sarah Quraishi, Leo Ting, Yaxian Zhao, Asha Asthana and Ross Laurent [PDF]
  • "Effects of music type on reading comprehension performance and other physiological factors" Jennifer Alexander, Peter Firouzbakht, Lauren Glennon, McDaniel Lang [PDF]
  • "Cell phone restriction correlates with increased systolic blood pressure and GSR but not heart rate" Eric Christenson, Laine Ferrara, Jamie Kim, Matt Solverson [PDF]
  • "The Influence of Color on Physiological Response" S. Freiders, S. Lee, D. Statz, and T. Kim [PDF]
  • "Physiological Response to Fear in Expected and Unexpected Situations on Heart Rate, Respiration Rate and Horizontal Eye Movements" Christopher Schmitz, Lindsey Drake, Megan Laake, Peng Yin, and Rachel Pradarelli [PDF]
  • "Physiological responses in anticipation to exercise" Grace Daniels, Emily Hatfield, Norma Magallanes Aaron Vassar [PDF]
  • "The difference in performance between computer and paper administered tests in a stressful environment" Corey Macrander, Regina Manansala, Stephanie Rawson, and JeeYoung Han [PDF]
  • "Exercise: The Secret to the 4.0?" Rebecca Johansson, Anna Fleischman, Alex DiFonzo, Kristie Khatibi, and Yang Yang [PDF]
  • "The Effects of Moderate Aerobic Exercise on Memory Retention and Recall" Kailey Fritz, Emily Drakas, Naureen Rashid, Terry Schmitt, Graham King [PDF]
  • "Effects of Moderate Exercise on Short Term Memory: An Analysis of Beta Wave Forms and Heart Rate" Jake Binder, Alex Bryant, April Burcyzk, Paul Payant, Kristin Zorn, Emily Gerner [PDF]
  • "The Effect of Peppermint on Memory Performance" Michelle Fox, Ellie Krueger, Lauren Putterman, Robert Schroeder [PDF]
  • "The Effects of Music Tempo on Concentration and Task Performance" Danielle Bade, Ryan Bade, Derek Hoerres, Andrea Kremsreiter [PDF]
  • "Activation of the Human Sympathetic Nervous System: Effects on Memory Performance" Alicia Ramsey, Kevin Rolnick, Ryan Smith, Chuanxin Weng, Yicheng Li, Andrew Lokuta [PDF]
  • "Effects of Acute Aerobic Exercise on Short Term Memory" McDonald M, Raupp B, Jiang W, Leung K, and Hanhauser E [PDF]
  • "The effects of audio and visual distractions on reaction time" Ellen Anderson, Chelsea Bierman, Julian Franko, Amy Zelko [PDF]
  • "Physiological response to color variation as measured through Galvanic skin response, electrocardiography and electroencephalography" Brandon Harkonen, Kate Hokeness, Nicole Kalupa, Kusha Rahgozar [PDF]

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