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Journal of Advanced Student Science (JASS)
2013 Issue 01 - Spring

(Click on the PDF link next to any article to read the full article)

  • "The Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Cognitive Flexibility" Michael Bergquist, Curtis Lake, Lynsey Lauderdale, Ashton Rollings, Jessica Shelbourn [PDF]
  • "The Effects of Acute Aerobic Exercise on Cognitive Function in Young Adults" Emily Blanton, Kelsey Honerlaw, Ryan Kilian, and Joseph Sepe [PDF]
  • "The Effect of Moderate Cardiovascular Exercise on Auditory Reaction Time" Anatoli Berezovsky, Erika Jarvey, Ryan Popelka, Rachel Lewandowski [PDF]
  • "The Effect of Music on Concentration, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Respiratory Rate" Eric Bobel, Prateek Chhetri, Amy Pedersen, Brittany Seidl, Tzu-Wei Tsao [PDF]
  • "The Effect of Song Lyrics on the Emotional and Physiological Response to Music" Aron Stumbras, Kathleen Sullivan, Sonalee Barthakur, Brittany Jilot, Nate Robertson [PDF]
  • "Cross-Modal Effects of Olfactory Sense on Memory Recall" Forum Patel, Kaitlin Heller, Morgan Buchholz, Ryan Walter, Gabriel Neves [PDF]
  • "The Effects of Music on Short-Term Memory and Physiological Arousal" Anne Gustavson, Kevin Hanneken, Anna Moldysz, Brad Simon [PDF]
  • "Measurement of Physiological Changes due to Anticipation of Sour Sensation" Ian Latimer, Lauren Pahnke, Amy Yan, Austin Zeng [PDF]
  • "The effect of music tempo on memory retention" Andrea Jurkovic, Chelsea Anderson, Duane Myklejord, Casey Levin, Andy Lotz [PDF]
  • "Effects of Dubstep Music on Physiological Measures of Stress Induced by Test Anxiety" Chandler C., Erdahl L., Kim G., Uebersohn R., Wey S. [PDF]
  • "Physiological Responses to Viewing Scripted Versus Real Media Violence" Hannah Hurst, Evan Manderfield, Michael Mendoza, Danielle Murray, and Andy Senanayake [PDF]
  • "Physiological Response to Cognitive Stress and the Effect of Power Poses" Stephanie Lakritz, Kevin Hayes, Aaron Miller, Lindsay Orcholski, and Alyssa Alvarez [PDF]
  • "The Effect of Musical Lyrics on Short Term Memory" Ben DuCharme, Rebecca Funk, Yihe Ma, Jeff Mahlum, Lauryn Werner [PDF]
  • "Visual, Audio, and Kinesthetic Effects on Memory Retention and Recall" Iboro Udomon, Chuyee Xiong, Ryan Berns, Kathleen Best, Nicole Vike [PDF]
  • "The Effect of Exercise on Long-term Memory" Hannah Myles, James Peculis, Dorothy Ho, Benjamin Poenitsch, Rolf Ieuter [PDF]
  • "Impact of Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise on Short and Long Term Memory Retention" Jessica Hotter, Aaron Follansbee, Megha Patel, Zack Nigogosyan, Tal Zivan [PDF]
  • "Effect of olfactory stimulation on long-term memory retrieval via increased heart rate" Melissa Hileman, Tyler Johnson, Brandon Manderle, Maggie O’Shea, Jun Wan [PDF]
  • "The Role of Performance and Anticipatory Anxiety in Short-term Memory Recall" MacKenzie Thayer, Ruhee Singh, Eric Polich, Justin Riederer, and Anton Kvit [PDF]
  • "Sex-differences in Cognitive Function and Blood Pressure: The Effects of a Meal" Jing Wu, Sam Hall, Mindy Vossekuil, Kayla Moses, and Garrett Peltonen [PDF]
  • "Potential Physiological Stress Response While Chewing Gum at Various Rates" Tyler Clemons, Monica Rodgers, Alysha Rolli, Margaret Traeger [PDF] [Appendix]
  • "Music & Physical Performance: The effects of different music genres on physical performance as measured by the heart rate, electrodermal arousal, and maximum grip strength" Zach Belford, Charles Neher, Trisha Pernsteiner, Jacob Stoffregen, Zara Tariq [PDF]
  • "Effects of Audio Sensory and Cognitive Processing Stimuli on Alpha and Beta Brain Waves, Heart Rate, and Respiration" Robyn Goettelman, David Iranpour, Michael Peliska, Kelsey Shadel [PDF]
  • "Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Physiological and Cognitive Function" Tanvi Nadkarni, Jon Schultz, Andrew Zaragoza, Joan Bunyi [PDF]
  • "Effects of time constraints and unfamiliar test conditions on physiological stress responses" Aliyya Terry, Matt Andreoli, Heather Laing, Elizabeth Weber [PDF]

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