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Journal of Advanced Student Science (JASS)
2015 Issue 01 - Spring

(Click on the PDF link next to any article to read the full article)

  • "Body Position and its Effect on Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, and Respiration Rate After Induced Acute Mental Stress" Ryan Anderson, Kimberly Breunig, Philippa Foundling, Rebecca Johnson, Lauren Smith, and Maggie Sundstrom [PDF]
  • "An Analysis of Physiological Arousal in Response to Electronic and Verbal Communication and in Response to “Guilty Knowledge" Hayley Buhnerkemper, Laura Duehr, Conrad Gudmundson,Justanjot Kaur, Sally Mei, Kiran Silwal, and Kallie Waro [PDF]
  • "The Effect of Moderate Aerobic Exercise on Information Retention" Sam Clarkson, Marie Dobratz, Katilyn Fochs, Nicole Franz, Cassandra Nytes [PDF]
  • "Meditative breathing yields inconclusive results in stabilizing physiological variables following fear-induced acute stress in college students" Trevor Cooper, Jessica Hedrick, Brianna Murphy, Lauren Reil, Katie Sayaovang, Taylor Thomas [PDF]
  • "Feedforward mitigation of physiological fear response to a visual and auditory startle stimulus" Alexandra Dennee, Dana Gunderson, Gabriel Le Gros, Marni Sarazen, Bethany Stieve [PDF]
  • "The Effects of Cell Phone Distractions on Cognitive Flexibility" Lina Nguyen, Stephanie Rosicki, Clayton Rowe, Haley Schoenberger [PDF]
  • "Physiological Anxiety Responses with Cell Phone Separation and Subsequent Contact " Alexa DeBoth, Jackelyn Meyer, Natalie Trueman, Anjoli Zejdlik [PDF]
  • "The Physiological Effects of Stress Induced by the Distraction of a Ringing Cell Phone" Bill Bowler, Lyndsey Bratberg, Hannah Cavaleri, Amanda Lorge, Jamie Pitiger [PDF]
  • "The Marginal Effects of Lyrics On Alpha Wave Activity, Blood Pressure, and Heart Rate" Stephanie Bishop, Joe L’Huillier, Laura Katz, Elizabeth Molina, Alyssa Spilski, Ben Weigman [PDF]
  • "The Effects of Blue and Red Light on Physiological Responses Post-Exercise" Taylor Cesarz, Sydney Notermann, Cassandra Quirt, Eric Rojo, Hayley Schotten, Shelby Tarr [PDF]
  • "The Effect of Darkness on Visual Reaction Time and its Physiological Basis" Trevor Schell, Nicole Farber, Anastasia Kathrens-Gallardo, Michael Volk, Haley Little [PDF]
  • "Physical and Mental Activity and Their Effects on Short Term Recall and Task Anxiety" Rachell Caniza, Rebecca Raj, Tim Scallon, Priyanka Sikka, Deejay Zwaga [PDF]
  • "Analysis of autonomic response to stressful and calming visual and auditory stimuli" Haley Bodette, Mariah Clark, Ajay Koya, Ana G. Lara Santiago, Rebecca Leda, Brett Wise [PDF]
  • "The effects of genre of music on physiological stress response after moderate exercise" Kari Fossum, Paul Rowley, Alyssa Schultz, Brandi Wiedmeyer [PDF]
  • "The Effect of Aromatherapy on Reduction of Physical Stress" Mary Finedore, Connor Hanson, Anna McGee, Carl Peterson, Jennifer Petschen, Rebecca White [PDF]
  • "The effect of white noise on psychological stress while performing cognitive tasks and its correlation to performance" Dan Fox, Berina Karic, Alex Ash, Jason Dietz, and Amanda Swiggum [PDF]
  • "Effects of Audiovisual Stimulation on Working Memory Recall" Nick Batinich, Rachel Gagne, Taylor Kitzke, Zoe Morgan, Emma Peters, Matthew Rabska [PDF]
  • "The Effect of Distractors on Physiological Stress During a Test" Emma Cannon, Christina Dalton, Patrick Greenberg, Alexis Jones, Sedate Kohler, Dan Truehl [PDF]
  • "Differences Between Non-Parental Male and Female Responses to Infant Crying" India Anderson-Carter, Alenna Beroza, Alex Crain, Carly Gubernick, Elly Ranum, Ross Vitek [PDF]
  • "Test scores on timed exams decline over time without a significant increase in physiological stress" Joan Bunyi, Carolyn Heal, Sunita Nadendla, Dawn Sherman, Thuy Dan Tran, and Jacob Varsos [PDF]
  • "No difference between taking a five minute general knowledge test online versus on paper in regards to effects on blood pressure, heart rate and beta brain wave frequency" Joseph Dabringer, Kaitlin Jasper, Erin Kelleher, Beth McDonald, Christopher Scott [PDF]
  • "The Effect of Induced Stress on Fine Motor Accuracy" Michael D. Diny, Dani L. Kainz, Nikki P. Greenhalgh, Abby S. Klemp [PDF]
  • "The Effects of Moderate Aerobic Activity on Short-Term and Long-Term Memory" Hannah Brooks, Kaitlyn Landry, Kareem Malas, Naveen Rihal, Heidi Umhoefer [PDF]
  • "Effectiveness of Stress Balls in Reducing the Physiological Symptoms of Stress" Joel Alvarez, Dani Day, Alyssa Gardner, Imaan Saeed, Courtney Schwebach & Ryan Valk [PDF]

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