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Journal of Advanced Student Science (JASS)
2016 Issue 01 - Spring

(Click on the PDF link next to any article to read the full article)

  • "The effects of acute aerobic activity at rating five and seven of perceived exertion on the performance of a wordrecollection, shortterm memory task" Susanna S. Kwok, Amber M. O’Brien, Milada K. Vannarath, Brandon R. Basinski, and Koua M. Vang [PDF]
  • "Political Affiliation as a Predictor of Physiological Response to Political Statements" Jordan Kelly Bhupinder Manhani Kelsey Nelson Jacob Poepping Demitri Price [PDF]
  • "The Physiological Relationship of Sleep Duration with Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and Reaction Time" Justin Angles, Aria Kenarsary, Samantha Paddock, Zoey Schuck, Kaitlyn Sonnentag [PDF]
  • "Feed-forward response of three physiological factors in men and women due to a startle stimulus" Derek Benidt, Jeff Glisch, Amanda Hoffman, Gloria Lee, Beth Rushing [PDF]
  • "The Effects of a Brief Meditative Breathing Session on Recovery from Moderate Aerobic Exercise" Anna Emery, Tosha Lucas, Adam Miller, Isaiah Reeves, Amanda Ward [PDF]
  • "Concealed Information and its Effect on Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, and Electrodermal Activity" Marcus Babcock, Lindsay Kuehl, Nathan Patton, Ashley Preston [PDF]
  • "An Analysis of Physiological Arousal in Response to Sad and Fearful Video Stimuli" Kim Vidmar, Keerthi Pittala, Rewais Hanna, Kristine McLaughlin, Quamaine Bond [PDF]
  • "Effects of Personally Relevant Distractions Versus Generalized Distractions on Physiological Measures and Reading Comprehension" Cassidy Muir, Lucy Witchell, Tyler McKeever, Esha Kamath [PDF]
  • "Brief Aerobic Exercise Increases Mathematical Ability in Undergraduate Students" Madeline Adam, Allison Childs, Arman Quraishi, Akshada Redkar, Ben Yeske [PDF]
  • "The Effect of High-Stakes Rewards on Performance in High-Stress Situations" Larissa Gabler, Woo-Jung Amber Kim, Kaitlin McCuskey, Bradley Morgan, Joey Seliski, Matthew Semler [PDF]
  • "Effects of Gender Stereotype Threat on Physiological Stress Response" Joey Janz, Caitlin Kuckes, Linda Mei, Hasan Nadeem, Emerald Reeg, Rachel Smitz [PDF]
  • "Differences in Physiological Responses to Exposure of Disturbing Auditory Versus Audiovisual Stimuli" Tyler Evans, Jenna Hatab, Elyse Linsmeier, Taylor Olson, Jacob Rabichev, Amanda Reisner [PDF]
  • "The Lasting Physiological Effects of Phone Separation" Benjamin Erickson, Matthew Palm, Alexandra Overman,Prateek Sharma,and Lauren Vedrine [PDF]
  • "The Physiological Effects of Anticipation In Regards to Sour Taste Experience" Chloe Lang, Erin Denton and Lucas Fowler [PDF]
  • "Effect of isochronic tone tempos on physiologic recovery rates after cardiovascular exercise" Shilpa Cyriac, Katelyn Hanf, Joel Rosenberg, Nicole Telthoester, Beau Rigstad [PDF]
  • "The Effect of Continuous Unintelligible Talking Noise on Physiological Stress Response and Working Memory Recall" Mackenzie Andropolis, Brian Christensen, Jason Gackowski, Raechel Jacobson,Gabriel Surges [PDF]
  • "THE PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF ROSEMARY ON CONCENTRATION" Alec Ernst, Kyle Marquardt, Mark Park, Bailee Stark, Annie Uhing, Dana Van De Hey [PDF]
  • "Media Delivery Method Shows No Effect On Physiological Stress Response Factors of Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Respiration" Alexander Ames, Makenzie Kirk, Abigail Smith, Eric Umhoefer, Amber Williquette and Ryan Woldt [PDF]
  • "The effects of temporary visual deprivation on reaction time to an auditory stimulus" Justin Balog, Matt Konz, Miranda LaCroix, Gabrielle Mattson, Anna Maurer, Mackenzie Sinnen [PDF]
  • "Stress Reactivity of Participants in Response to Same vs. Opposite Gender of Experimenters" Jacob Adelman, Danielle Borst, Jeremiah Kakes, Amna Shaikh, Bailey Wolding, Tongyu Wu [PDF]
  • "Power and Stature: Analysis of the Human Physiological Response to Stress" John McKevitt, Santiago Chavez, Nicolette Codispoti, Natalia Chreptowicz, Marlyse Wehber [PDF]
  • "Feedforward Response in Anticipation of Physical Activity" Kelly Danek, Kelly Loberger, Sam Miller, Abby Schabel [PDF]
  • "Short Term Physiological Effects of Yoga on Relieving Acute Stress Induced by Task-Anxiety" Alen Chang, Katherine Gronseth, Megan Haney, Jeff Killian, Nathalie Ly, and Prakrithi Srinand [PDF]
  • "Effects of Exercise-Induced Changes in Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and Oxygen Saturation on Visual Reaction Time" Charles Giuliani, Joseph Kern, Michelle Kleitsch, Cody Lukes, and Jocelyn Zajac [PDF]

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